Minky the Model

2014.08.10 - Bonnie Friday Blog-10

Photography by JLT Photography

Minky has been known to be a bit of a wuss, preferring to stick by my side rather than play with the other dogs at the park. Her separation anxiety sometimes spreads as far as not wanting to sit on the pavement a meter away from where I am standing on the door step. For that reason, Mink became model for a day yesterday, and she had the diva pout to match!

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2014.08.10 - Bonnie Friday Blog

I picked up these Franch connection wool shorts for a steal at the Salvos the other day. Who can argue with the perfect fit for under $5? Not me! Teamed with my old-faithful wool cape and my go-to stripes, they make the perfect mild winter outfit.

– Bonnie Friday xx


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  1. Hi Tanya, thanks so much! I bought it from Ojay in 2011, hopefully you can find one like it! xx

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