Times Square Claremont Blogger Catch Up


There’s nothing better than a little catch up with some of Perth’s most babe’n bloggers! Thanks to Times Square and Cookie Dough (go there, try the brownies, thank me later) we were able to do just that yesterday afternoon, while squeezing in a bit of retail therapy to sweeten the deal! It’s always great to meet local bloggers in person, and even better to see some new faces amongst the crowd. After an iced coffee or two, we were treated to a guided walk-through of the Times Square Claremont retailers. I’m always so impressed with the variety on offer at Times Square, from contemporary lycra to bridal couture!


This hanging planter by Kate’s Moss (such a good name, don’t even get me started) is actually my new obsession. I would love a herb version to hang in the kitchen!






This Steve Buscemi Tee from Poppy Lissiman Addition is beyond perfection – get on my body now!


- Bonnie Friday

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